Under 10 match analysis vs West Chiltington 22 June 2024

Wagon wheels – ie where did the players from each side hit the ball and how many did they score off the shot ?

What areas of the field do we need to defend well ?

What areas of the field were no or very few runs scored ?

What do the wagon wheels tell us about our batting ?

West Chiltington batting

Wisborough Green batting

Scoring Zones of the West Chiltington team. What does that tell us about the areas of the field we need to defend well ?

Runs scored in each zone

Wagon Wheels for the West Chiltington top scorers . What were their scoring areas ?

Scorecards for each team

West Chiltington scorecard
Wisborough Green scorecard

How many wides (w) and no balls (nb) did bowlers from each side give away ? What does this tell us about our bowling ?

What do we need to do about reducing the number of byes (b) ?

What do we need to work on at training ?