Thought provoking questions for junior captains to consider

Who was the best captain you played under and what were the things they did that made them a good captain in your opinion ?

How do you think you can bring out the best out of other players in the team ?

How do you motivate the team when in difficult situations ?

The toss – when would you want to bowl first ?

What warmup drills do you think are best for bowlers and for batters ?

Who should usually bowl up the hill – who should usually bowl down the hill ?

Your best bowler has a very bad first over – what do you do and what do you tell him / her ?

How will you manage the bowling lineup during the game ?


Where do you think the captain should field ?

How many slip catches have you seen taken by players in your age group ?

What are the key fielding positions ?

How can you put pressure on the batters when fielding ?

How will you keep track of the batters preferred shots ?

How will you adjust the field based on how the batter is playing ?

Fielding plan for fast bowlers bowling up the hill and down the hill ?

Fielding for spin / slow bowlers bowling up the hill and down the hill ?

Wisborough has a short boundary on one side – should you go about protecting the boundary ?


What drills can you suggest to a batter go through before he / she goes in and what will you say to them to give them confidence just before they go in ( without being OTT )

How do you make sure that you are focussing on your own game in addition to looking out for the whole team ?