Sheep on the Green

Regular users of the Green may be somewhat surprised to see something a little different in the form of sheep on the Green in the next few days.

Sussex Cricket have been encouraging clubs to develop more environmentally friendly strategies to maintain their grounds and have come up with an innovative solution to use sheep to maintain cricket squares . Squares are generally roped off anyway and the idea is that the sheep will not only effectively mow the grass , but also fertilise the ground at the same time.

Following the rehabilitation on the green in recent months we thought it appropriate to volunteer for the trial project to underline our green credentials as a club and to try and promote climate change initiatives.

We do appreciate that the sheep will attract interest from locals and passers by and we would just like to appeal to everyone to keep their distance and not to climb over the ropes to take a selfie or to try and feed the sheep . The sheep are very friendly but may become a little aggressive if anyone gets too close to their lambs.

A lot of work has gone into preparing the green in recent months and we are looking forward to the start of the cricket season in a few weeks time .

Best wishes