Team selection 22 August 2020

On Saturday we saw the 1’s get very close to their first victory of the season and the 2’s build on the win over West Chilt with the dismantling of Southwater 2’s. Well done to all – particularly our president. Great knock Steve!

Looking forward to the coming weekend, we had another good training session with some of the 1’s working on some specific areas of their batting. Who would have thought that Farms would take his batting so seriously ! Not sure he enjoyed being clean bowled by yours truly ….

With regards to selection – its been a really tricky week with almost a full squad to choose from. Steve deservedly steps up to the ones based on his great knock in the 2’s. With plenty of talent available for selection in the 2’s it meant whatever team we selected should have the ability to bring home the win. We therefore tried to find a balance between maintaining a place for the stalwarts in the side whilst giving everyone a game over the next couple of weeks. Big shout out to those who have missed out this week – particularly Charlie, George and Jacob. You guys will get priority next week.

Hope everyone understand difficulties with trying to find the right balance with selection in this shortened season.

Good luck on Saturday