Pimms and Prosecco 3 June

    Dear Ladies of Wisborough Green Cricket Club Firstly many thanks, for all of your help in supporting Wisborough Green Cricket club, whether you help the colts, seniors or a Wife/Girlfriend of a player who relies on your kindness and support to play for us. When I was asked to be Captain of the 1st team again, I needed the support of my wife Sam as it is quite a commitment. I asked her if she would come down in the evening to watch and get involved. She said she would but she did not want to sit around in the Pav with a load of blokes discussing the ‘LBW Rule’ and felt that a ‘Pimms and Proseco’ afternoon with wives and girlfriends and other ladies associated with the club would be a far better approach. I thought it was a fantastic idea and we set about organising this for 3 June. We will be putting up a small gazebo and serving the drinks to our ladies from 5pm on Saturday 3rd June while watching the end of our 1st team match v West Wittering. My wife Sam, Caroline Calder-Smith, Chloe (Byron Napper’s girlfriend) Sammi Minto (Jonny Farmers Girlfriend) and Emma Filby (Chris Francis Girlfriend) have started to organise this day and have started a WhatsApp group. If you would like to join the group please let me know by emailing your contact details to me at wisboroughgreencc@gmail.com. We are hoping for some good weather and it would be great if you could bring rugs, chairs, or anything else needed to enjoy the afternoon. Children both young and old are of course very welcome. Whilst talking to the players, Nick Scott Payne very kindly offered to buy 20 bottles of Proseco to kick the event off…so many thanks Nick. After the cricket has finished we thought we might go over to one of the pubs and have some dinner etc…. I am trying to circulate this to as many ladies who are involved in the club , and would be very grateful if you could spread the word about the event. Many thanks and look forward to seeing you on 3rd June. James Sadler Head of Senior Cricket