Under 12 sessions – 2024 season

This is relevant for children in school years 6 and 7

The under 12 age group combines two years. For many of the year 6 children and some of the year 7 children this will be their first introduction into cricket with a hard ball. We aim to develop their skills in a fun experience but safety is paramount to us.

SEASON START – The Friday evening cricket sessions will start on the 19th April 2024 and run through to the end of July. We often arrange additional sessions throughout August too. The sessions start at 7:15 pm and run through to around 8.15-8.30 pm

COMMUNICATION – A Whatapp group will be created to share fixtures, team selection, and notify of any changes to times or if we have to call off a session due to rain.

EQUIPMENT – The Club has some pads, helmets, gloves and a few bats which will be available at training and also at matches. We suggest buying a box and ‘cricket briefs’ as this is a requirement before batting against a hard ball, even in the nets.

PARENTAL HELP – There is one qualified volunteer coach in this age group and we welcome any parent helpers on Friday evenings. For the matches we also need a scorer and umpire, any parental experience with this would be most gratefully received. If your child signs up to this age group this also includes family membership to Wisborough Green Sports Association which enables you to purchase drinks at the bar at a discounted price.

ABOVE ALL – We aim to provide fun sessions that develop a child’s core cricketing skills and give them a love of cricket, for the volunteer coaches that run these sessions this is where it all started for us.

MATCHES – During the season there are league matches and we field a competitive XI, we are currently in Division 1 North in the Sussex league. With safety in mind, we will only put a child forward for one of these matches if we feel confident of their ability in a hard ball game. Several friendlies and interclub games will also be organised throughout the season with the aim of giving everyone who is keen to play some match practice.

Matches will be 11 player hard ball 5 oz on a pitch length of 19 yards (not pairs)

For a full list of fixtures on the Playcricket site please click here

Please click here for the full set of match rules

Please click here for the Under 12 – Under 16 match rules (extracted from the full set of rules)

Please click here for the optional match rules to be agreed by managers before the match

League rules of note for matches

Player eligibility

Players may play down one age group from their actual age group (ie Under 13) except if the player is a representative player or selected into any of the area or County squads

Girls may play down up to two years unless they are a full County selected player in which case they may play down 1 year.

The names of players playing down must be made known to the league and opposition manager /coach prior to the fixture taking place.

No more than 2 players may play down in the same game

Overs : 20 overs per innings consisting of 6 deliveries. In the final over of each innings 6 legal deliveries to be bowled.


Bowlers may bowl up to a maximum of 3 overs per bowler


Wicketkeepers must wear a helmet when keeping wicket at all times regardless of whether they are standing up to the stumps or not.

The wicket keeper may be changed during either innings but as a league guideline, it is suggested that the two managers agree prior to the start of the game whether the outgoing player may then bowl or not.


Wide balls and no balls shall be called and shall concede 2 extras and any additional runs/extras scored off the ball

Batting retirements

When reaching 25 runs , the batter shall be made aware of reaching the figure but will be allowed to bat out the over in which they reach the milestone, with all runs and extras counting as normal,
towards both his/her own personal score and that of the team. At the end of the over, the batter is then ‘retired not out’ and not allowed to return. Any batter who loses their wicket before the end of the over shall be ‘out’ in the same way they would at any other point in the innings.

If a side gets to the stage where their final two batters are batting and one of the two players reaches their retirement score, they do not have to retire (i.e. if there is no-one else left to come in to bat). The two players may continue batting until the final wicket falls or the innings concludes.