Century Club

The Century Club is the Cricket Club’s main annual fundraising activity and was established a few years ago by our Past President Ray Greatorex.

The original objective was to sell 100 tickets at a cost of £25 a year. This was achieved in the first year and the £2,500 raised was split equally between Wisborough Green Cricket Club and prizes to the members of the Century Club.

Ray subsequently decided to set a new target of 200 tickets. However he will need the help of those Cricket Club members and supporters who are not presently involved if this target is to be reached. On achieving this objective the draw will be renamed the 200 Club...

There are 4 draws a year which are held at the AGM ( December/January), March committee meeting , Presidents Day (July) and the September Committee Meeting. Each draw consists of 5 prizes.

We would urge you to support this very worthwhile fund raising activity which has become even more important following the Club’s promotion to the County League and the need for additional resources to support this achievement. A Standing Order Mandate is attached below for you to complete and forward on to our Club Treasurer Bex Samuelson at the address shown on the Mandate.

We do hope you will decide to join. Remember half of the membership fee is returned in prizes and the other half is used to subsidise the cost of running the Cricket Club for the enjoyment of players and supporters.

If you have any queries about the Century Club please get in touch via email wisboroughgreencenturyclub@gmail.com. 

Click here to download the Century club Standing Order Mandate app